Individuals with a hearing loss sometimes have difficulty hearing things like ringing telephones, buzzing alarm clocks, or the TV when watching with others. Assistive Listening Devices are designed to help you receive alerts by making them louder, or by streaming sounds directly to Bluetooth enabled hearing aids. Contact us if you believe you could benefit from any of these devices, we’d love to talk to you about it!

Alarm Clocks

Amplified alarm clocks sound off at a higher volume than typical alarm clocks, and they sometimes offer a tactile sensation that helps wake individuals with hearing loss. A typical alarm clock tends to be somewhat loud at about 80 decibels. But those with a moderate or severe hearing loss may not be able to hear sounds that loud without the help of hearing aids, which are usually not worn while sleeping. Amplified alarm clocks can feature up to 110 decibels of sound or more, as well as a physical vibration, to make sure you wake up when you want to.

Amplified Telephones

Amplified phones make life easier for those who sometimes miss phone calls due to the low volume of the ringer. Those with hearing aids can also find it difficult to talk on a phone while wearing their hearing aids. The volume on an amplified phone can be adjusted to increase sounds by 35 decibels or more.

Captioned phones work by displaying your caller’s words on a screen on your phone. They also have the ability to amplify the sound from the handset, a speaker phone function, and can be customized to amplify the frequencies where you have the greatest hearing loss.

Telephone Amplifiers

This is a device that plugs into your existing landline phone to boost the volume. Many offer tone control for better clarity, are compatible for most corded home and office phones, and can increase the sound by 40 decibels or more. A portable variety is also available.

Fire Alarms

Fire alarms are a critical safety component in any household, particularly for those who may have difficulty hearing. Many amplified fire alarms emit tones up to 90 decibels or more and may flash when activated. Some fire alarms come with a flashing wireless component that an individual can keep near their bedside that, in conjunction with the tone, will alert a sleeping person. Some alarms also offer physical notifications that shake or vibrate the bed when necessary, as an additional safety measure.

TV Listening Systems

There are a number products that can make TV listening situations easier. These systems allow a user to listen to TV without disturbing others. Hearing aids which are equipped with telecoils (t-coils) can pick up sounds from induction loops. Looping systems can be installed in your home, and these systems are also often available in houses of worship, theaters, and other public venues. Hearing aids which are equipped with Bluetooth technology can pair with other Bluetooth streaming products, such as a TV adaptor, to stream sound directly to your ears.