Friends eating ice cream and talk while wearing invisible hearing aids.

I don’t want anyone to see that I am using hearing aids. What can I do to assure my hearing aids are invisible?

This is a question that we all face when deciding seek help for our hearing. In consultation with first time hearing aid candidates, I often hear them say that they have delayed this moment because they feel reluctant to been seen wearing a hearing aid.

In the past we have urged folks to consider that the visibility of their hearing problem was more apparent to friend and family than the device that would help resolve that those hearing problems. I agree that wasn’t much help for people who don’t want the world to know they have a hearing problem.

However, today, the visibility of the hearing aid is no longer an issue. Although in the past hearing aids were large, unattractive and sometimes uncomfortable pieces of plastic, today’s devices are designed to be discreet and comfortable to wear. There is a choice of small devices that are inserted into the ear canal and cannot be detected by others, as well as discreet over the ear units that match hair or skin types and are unnoticeable during conversation.
You can try on a hearing device that fits over the ear during a hearing evaluation. Many people are impressed by the small size and light weight of the device. Its always helpful to have a friend or family member present to weigh in on the appearance of the device.

I usually conclude by demonstrating my own over the ear units which they may or may not have noticed. My units snuggled behind my ear and under my hair are bright red! The color makes me smile in the morning when I put them on. And though not all people want such a brightly colored device, I have also fit devices that match or blend with skin or hair color, dark brown, silver, grey and copper colored hearing aids. Today’s instruments can be customized for the look you desire.

The look of your hearing aids doesn’t need to play into the decision of whether or not you are ready to get help for hearing problem.

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